College, MOOCs and NEW Alternative Professional Development online

books-colorful-harry-potterThe day and age of self-improvement and professional development is growing on the web. We’ve already seen the amazing evolution of technology as it becomes more accessible, affordable and integrated into our daily lives.

Televisions, DVD players, gaming systems, even fridges and cars are coming with pre-installed apps that access the internet in some way for browsing, entertainment or communication. Not only are we able to communicate more immediately and affordably with loved ones across seas but as a business, we can reach a larger audience through using digital media.

Now, education is just one more thing being re-imagined. More colleges are building and launching online courses for current students, independent coaches are offering online workshops, and web companies are teaming up with major universities and educators to offer free courses in a new way called the MOOC (Massive online open course) to anyone who is interested. Even ASU, the university which Starbucks is teaming up with to offer free college to employees, is offering credit-granting courses through EdX for upcoming freshman, for a fraction of the cost to attend a university. This is especially exciting for high schoolers that want a leg up on the college education without the struggles of entry.

In 2014, the number of universities offering MOOCs has doubled to cross 400 universities, resulting in a doubling of the number of cumulative courses, to 2400. 22 of the top 25 US universities in US News World Report rankings are now offering courses online for free.” (


Bellabeat’s Leaf: Wearable tech for women

leaf2Bellabeat‘s wearable technology Leaf is an amazing little smart jewelry for your healthy lifestyle.  The small metal and sustainable wood trinket syncs with your iphone via the app and can be programmed to observe your activity, breathing, sleep patterns and cycle. Best yet is that it can be set to a light vibrating alarm to wake you, alert you when you’ve been inactive too long in day as well as reminders to take your pill. This tech is fantastic as it can be worn on necklace, bracelet or clipped on belt or shirt. It’s light as I never feel this on and never has to be charged.leaf1

I love that the app will let you observe the data it records to your phone app so that you can be more aware of your health. It even gives you breathing exercises to promote a calm, meditative state. You can even track your cycle if you want to know your fertile stages or a more accurate analysis on your cycle. This is excellent for young women 18-35, though I’m sure women over 40 can definitely take advantage of this cute tech.

Female Tech Entrepreneur Sarah Austin’s new API will give you personality

559508_962916540475_8710207078372283938_nWomen are making waves in the tech and business space, and this girl is one of them. You may know Sarah Austin for her early work with Pop17 or the recent stint on the Bravo reality show Startups: Silicon Valley, but you may not be aware that this woman is making a huge impact, both in the tech sector as well as for women’s advancement in this industry. Sarah is the founder of Peak Energies, a full-service business consultancy as well as Coding FTW, addressing the gender divide in the technology sector. Her work as a growth hacker, social media influencer and Data Scientist are press-worthy.

website-logoHer latest accomplishment, which is not to be ignored is her new innovative personality IaaS (Insights as a service) automation company, Broad Listening which scans your Twitter account to give you an accurate analysis report, revealing your public behavior and personality profile. The listening personality insights API allows you to integrate these personality profiles into your business applications to facilitate a better understand for a variety of applications. A great use of this platform is for entrepeneurs who want to analyze their own use of social media in the tech space or for corporations and HR that want to scan their potential employees or vet potential influencers for a campaign.

Personality1As more companies base their decisions on one’s web presence and online behaviors, this will be a viable and effective tool for making those decisions.

The site enables competitive analysis and business intelligence to be automated, giving you access to psychographic info in Neo-Jungian Type archetypes, and behavioral information in a proprietary scoring system.

To learn more about Broad Listening and get your personality report, visit 


The NEW Fresh Gloss blog

I can’t believe it’s been over a decade since I began writing about my life as an artist. I have had highs and lows, successes and failures, all of which I shared avidly on the site. I decided after a few years that I’d take a break and pursue other ventures. I began Art Career Academy for artists, after years of guest speaking and teaching on the subject. It was a natural evolution of my career to teach other artists and I will continue to throughout my life. I’ve also began a new direction in my work which has allowed me to do new and exciting things that I couldn’t have done with my previous artwork. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure, and I’ve allowed you all in – on so many levels, whether it was through video or writing.

Now, I am re-launching Fresh Gloss with a new mission. I will share my life adventures, but also will once again be open to sharing advice, giving you an in-depth look on my process as well as more of my personal passions like fitness, beauty, family, and more. I hope to be more creative and positive as I had in the past with Fresh Gloss. It’s all downhill from here. I hope you join me!

The Dynamic Goal: How to create them




  1. 1.
    (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
    “a dynamic economy”

Goal setting is more than righting down a To-Do list. It’s an actionable plan of execution that brings you towards accomplishing your goal. Alot of people, even myself don’t understand that it’s more than writing a sentence. Dynamic Goal-setting means you are making definite, determined and actionable steps towards that goal. This is absolutely necessary if you want to see real results.

“I want to open a business.”

The problem in that statement is many! Here’s what has to be changed in order to make this a DYNAMIC GOAL:  (more…)

Boundless Life Design

1487368_10203120139315111_1477400155_n“Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ― Anthony Robbins

It may seem crazy to think about this but you are a very important person in this world. You may not know what you are here for or what you are supposed to be doing. Maybe you doing believe in that stuff at all!

But this is what I believe. What I feel. You are a beautiful, intelligent and fearfully-made human being with the potential to do anything you want. You are here to create that story. You are here to pursue that dream. You are here to find your purpose and to execute it. To go towards with all that is in you.

Now I’m never into that fluffy, foofy flaky junk that people say: GO QUIT YOUR JOB! GO play video games to your heart’s content! It’s nothing like that. I believe that you can become who you were meant to be.



I married young and had two children while in an extremist religious home, living in a small town (with one red light!) and no academic or job prestige to save my life! I was always determined to be an artist, but I also didn’t limit my opportunities to succeed in life. I built small business ventures from age 17 on and continued to look into bettering myself while providing for my family. I came into art at the right time and place in my life.

I had no money, no credit, no experience and no degree!!!! What does that say? I didn’t have ANY of things you’d think you’d need to become a successful artist. In 5 years time, making a 6 figure income, speaking at conferences and traveling the US with my work. And in 10 years, I’ve acquired licensing deals, over 1000 collectors worldwide and my art in news, television and movies!

The point is, you can do anything and what and where you are means almost zero. Certainly money and situations can definitely help you pursue your dreams, your purpous. But that doesn’t have to be a determining factor in IF you pursue it or succeed doing so.

The limits for designing your own life are boundless, endless and open. You have to SEE it to understand. It requires you to change your limiting beliefs, to better yourself for change and to be open to learning more. Those are the keys to success.


Anything is possible if you believe it.

We All Need Connection

yoga-anonymous-greenYou may laugh at the yogis, the tree huggers or the artists, but we all have something in common. Our need for connection.

We do this through our music, our art, our work, our exercise, our cooking. Whatever it is we do outside of our basic needs. A connection to life, to the earth, to ourselves, to others. Connection gives us meaning, community and energy. It is the basic human need that we tend to forget is there.

Whether you are religious or not, there is this part of you that unconsciously strives for this in everything that you do. To be aware of it is to fulfill it more directly and effectively.

How do you connect? Why do you connect?

This is why I create art. This is why I’ve always written, whether it was a song, poem or blog post. This is why I created music and listen to music. This is why I talk to you.

I believe in the power and mission of connection to bring a deeper, more fulfilling life to others. Not just to myself. Creating is to give the world something that they can connect to their own world through.

Think about that.

Daring To Live

1545896_10203120142315186_1086149289_nThe other night we were watching an episode of Doomsday Preppers, and it was too frustrating and disgusting to me to watch. These people, though obviously having a lot of money or time on their hands, are spending inordinate amounts of their days preparing for improbable life altering devastations. Much to the demise of their own personal and financial lives. I can see their spouses and their children kinda going through the motions with them, but this is just rediculous to me. I completely understand having a level of wariness and self-preservation is good. But these people are not living. They are surviving already.

Sometimes you look back on choices you’ve made in life and can tell whether you made that decision or action based on living or surviving.

Do you live or do you survive?

Daring to live is one of the most scary things you can do, really. When you think about it, any kind of tragedy could befall us at any moment in time. Life is kinda a dangerous thing, you see. But it is why we are determined to live a life of purpous and integrity.

What do you value in life? What do you want to do with it? Can you live or do you need to simply survive?

Sad reality is there are plenty of people in the world who can only “survive”. We must be grateful and aware of our gifts, our skills and our priveledges. Most of us are truly blessed (or spoiled. however you see it!) and don’t take advantage of that fully.

Dare to live. Dare to breathe. Dare to move. Dare to be.

Creative Affluence

bf4277c39e9424df1500dfd8c1535e69Having a great deal of creativity is a wealth in itself. Sometimes we find we struggle to be creative, whether thats in organization, our jobs or our art. I am terrible at wrapping presents or putting groceries away. And when I work with clay or some other form of art that ISN’T painting, I feel that I am not as creative as I’d like to be. I sometimes joke that I’m not creative at all. Creativity and painting feel like different things in the whole aspect of life.

Creativity is a thought process. It’s problem solving, idea creating, plan developing and organizational awareness.

Creativity is STRATEGY meeting JOY. Think about it!

Do you ever notice that when you are trying to clean the house, do your work or paint a picture during a time of stress or low mood that you just can’t seem to do it? Your creative energy is dampered or shot.

How do you keep it up? Bring it back? Maybe you just don’t feel you’ve ever been gifted with the skill!

Working on things that stir up creativity is important for everyone, artist or not!

Here are 3 ways to build Creative Affluence (more…)

You can do anything, but not Everything


There was a time where I believed that if I did alot of stuff, I was legit. I was really working. If someone couldn’t get a hold of  me, wanted to have a meeting or needed to come chat with me they’d have to make an appointment. I thought that was how working hard was. That was what accomplished meant. The truth is that you can never do everything and  you shouldn’t.

Focus on what is important. Trying to be a jack of all trades makes you an expert of nothing, they say. I learned the hard way that trying to do more than I needed to or should is bad, bad, bad.

This year, I’m dedicated to sticking to what is the most important. Creating art. That means I must shelve other work I thought was a good idea to work on: books, illustration projects, character design or random graphic work for starters.

I’m focusing on my work. My art. That’s number #1 priority in my career. When I focused on that, everything changed for the better. My business grew larger, faster and became more sustainable as a result of my changes. All because I focused on the most important, viable part of my career. It is also the place I must focus on growing the most creatively. I’m excited for 2014 to be a time of art and less about all the other ideas!